The Absence of Friends

I lost a friend today. They haven’t died. They’ve just left. They’re transferring to a new university for a second time contrariety to what they said last time we spoke of it. They’re all excited. They think its grand. I’m dying inside.


I never mean as much to them

As they mean to me

I try to hide it

I’m sure it shows

I’m tired of being lonely

Just for being me

You’d think I was strange

The number of friends I’ve lost

But not really as different as you might think

I’m smart and I’m funny

Or at least I try to be

I like to dance and party

Traits most people rarely see

I’m sick of investing in bankrupt accounts

Of putting everything in

And getting nothing out

I want this to end

I’m so sick of this life

The cycle is never ending

I want a life


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