Roommate Thoughts


My roommate, whom we will call Jamie, has started randomly stealing the kleenex boxes from the bathroom. That I bought for communal use. I have no idea why she is doing this, but she appears to be escalating. The first one that disappeared a few weeks ago I was pretty sure was close to being done. So I replaced it with a new box from under the sink. And then today I get out of the shower and notice that this second box, which I replaced recently and as a result it is almost brand new and nowhere close to being finished, is gone. She’s stealing communal kleenex. Seriously? Who does that? Who’s that childish? Her apparently. I get that you need kleenex or maybe she’s doing it to be passive aggressive on purpose, but come on really?

And what’s more this situation starting escalating in the first place because SHE got started being really passive aggressive and accused me of stealing food items we’d agreed to share such as milk, bread, cheese, eggos etc. along with her granola bars which I’ve never eaten seeing as we a) did not agree to share them and b) I specialty order mine so I don’t want her granola bars anyway. Also her boyfriend drives me nuts. The sound of voice carries like you wouldn’t believe through this box we call an apartment (well suite technically). And that TV. She plays that thing so bloody loud I can barely hear myself think. And she plays it late into the evening too. I’m glad you have nothing else better to do that bother everyone around you Jamie but the rest of us (me specifically) would like to study, write, eat, and sleep in reasonable calm and quiet. Is that really too much to ask? For long time followers of this blog you know the answer to that one: the answer is yes. I have the worst luck with roommates I swear.

That’s all for now.
xoxo ~ The Mischief Mistress


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